BotMan Playground

Start your next chatbot idea, right in your browser.

While in beta, registration at BotMan Playground is exclusively open for students of the Build A Chatbot video course.


Rocksolid chatbots

Playground is built on top of BotMan

The BotMan Playground is part of the BotMan ecosystem and is therefore built on top of the most popular PHP chatbot library available. With it's elegant and simple to use API, you will get started with your chatbots in no time!

Build your chatbot now

No need to setup your development environment

Getting started with chatbots can be frustrating - you need to setup a local development environment, somehow share your local environment through an SSL protected tunnel, setup messaging service accounts, ...

BotMan Playground provides you with a simple-to-use online code editor to instantly get started with your chatbot development. Just edit your code and try your changes in the BotMan Playground web widget.

Share your work

Share your chatbot projects or use other's as a starting place

Your Chatbot playgrounds can be publicly accessible to everyone - think of it as GitHub for chatbot projects. You can share your chatbots and other people can see a read-only version of your code and even try out your chatbot on your connected messaging services.

If you like the chatbot that someone shared with you - just fork the playground to tinker with it on your own!

Make your Chatbot accessible

You provide us with an API token - we do the rest.

Do you want to try your chatbot on Facebook, Telegram, Slack or Cisco Spark? Just provide BotMan Playground with your chatbot token and instantly try your chatbot on your favorite platform.

We will guide you through the necessary steps of creating the tokens, to give your chatbot a test-run.

  • 1
    Create an Account

    Get access to BotMan Playground in combination with the Build A Chatbot video course.

  • 2
    Build your chatbot

    Use one of the available video course code examples as a starting place or create your own chatbot from scratch.

  • 3
    Share your bot

    Happy with what you created? Share your code and chatbot with your clients and co-workers.

Playground Demo

Get started in no time

A browser is all you need to instantly start developing and testing your new chatbot project.


Frequently Asked Questions

When will BotMan Playground launch?

BotMan Playground is currently in private beta and will launch at the end of January 2018, along with the Build A Chatbot video course.

How can I access it?

While in private beta, BotMan Playground is only accessible for Build A Chatbot video course subscribers. We will extend the service later this year.

Can I use BotMan Playground for educational purposes?

If you are a teacher and want to use BotMan Playground for workshops, schools or other educational purposes, please get in touch with us.

Is BotMan Playground free?

Build A Chatbot video course subscribers gain a 1-year subscription to the BotMan Playground for free - yes.

Do I need special software to create my chatbot?

No! BotMan Playground provides you with an online IDE that you can use to build your chatbot and connect it to existing messaging services. There is no additional software required.

I want to blog / write about BotMan

If you want to write a blog post or an article about BotMan / BotMan Playground, send us an email and we can give you access to the platform for free.